Meet our blogging dogs

WOOF, our very first post!  Join us on our daily adventures helping our human family, friends and other residents at Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter.

There was six of us Ellen, Lunar, Jackson, Winston, Rosco and Churchill however, we have just found out today a new boy is joining our office life! His name is Ernie and he is only four months old and not yet house trained.  What a mess he is making we have all decided it is only right that we show him the ropes.

What do we do you may wonder well its a shame we haven’t got all day but we will give you a short run down.  Our main jobs are to help our humans at the shelter to visit places with little people in them and show them how to behave around dogs.  While our humans are there they also talk about cats (we do all like cats, especially hand rear kittens.  Rosco tends to think he is mum and helps our humans to encourage them to go to the toilet! YAK)

Another of our visits is to care homes and hospitals (this is our favourite as we always seem to get biscuits).

We have helped teach young puppies and also encouraged shy dogs to gain their confidence and we remind people that owning us is a lot of hardwork, dedication and can cost a lot of money.

Our favourite time of day?  Hummmmm either treat time, walkies, playtime or cuddle time (is that too many), Puppy Ernie seems to like sleep time a little bit too much at the minute. Ha Puppies.


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