Murphy’s Visit

Hello Again and we are back with our 2nd blog!  Today we arrived at work very early and our humans had a very important job for us.  We all got to walk around the shelter with them picking up rubbish from the wind last night and some of us decided we would have a good run.  After that we had to open up all the rooms and check all was well.  Rosco went to talk to the horses who were in the field and check all was ok.



How exciting has today been? We had our friend Murphy here (a spaniel) he loves a good play and Ernie has never met him before.  After he had a little sniff there was no stopping us as we helped the humans around site.


By the time we had stopped running silly Ernie had managed to turn his ears inside out! He hadn’t even realised.


After a completely hectic morning puppy Ernie has fallen asleep on top of Churchill (who is snoring very loudly and keeping Jackson awake)  We have a very busy afternoon so a quick siesta is essential.


This afternoon Churchill was extremely lucky and got to go on an adventure.  It was to visit people in their home and give them a little bit of love.  Even though he hasn’t told us yet we just know he got biscuits, we could here our humans talking about it! There is another visit tomorrow fingers crossed we get picked.