Wednesdays workout

Well today is Wednesday and apparently according to the humans it’s hump day! Well we don’t have a clue what they are on about as we just love Wednesdays.

Remember the little people we were telling you about?  Some of them are visiting our rehoming centre today to learn about what the charity does and they will be meeting some of our animal friends.  Lucky Rosco today as he gets to meet them all personally and get lots of love.

Our humans today were talking about how well little Ernie is doing.  They said he slept all night in his bed last night and had no accidents. Good job Ernie, we are obviously doing a very good job of teaching you.

Puppies can be such hard work and need so much attention.  Just like the little people they need a lot of guidance and help to raise them and help them become well behaved grown dogs.  We are very proud of Ernie for his quick learning, however his recall skills need improving. We will get there as all our humans said that we were all naughty little cherubs growing up as well.

Over the last few weeks we cant help but wonder when our friend Ben in the kennels will find a home.  Our families have said he can’t live with us as he wants a quieter home and we are all too active.  Ben has been in kennels for a while now and has only had a little bit of attention.  We don’t know why as he would make someone a brilliant best friend.  He doesn’t really like to be left alone so he would love a home that has plenty of time for him.  If you can help our friend Ben please contact our humans on 0191 215 0435.