Christmas vibes in the office

Hello readers Lunar and Jackson here and welcome to today’s dog blog.

Today our office humans seem to be getting in the Christmas Spirit as this weekend is the Kirkley Hall Christmas Fair. Some of our humans have a stall there and they will be selling lots of lovely goodies for dogs, cats and humans so you can have a fun day out! Did we mention you can even take us dogs along although we aren’t allowed in the zoo.  Sorry feline friends I don’t think cats are allowed.

As we are all getting excited to see what is in our dog stockings this year we thought we would share our friends in the office photos. Luckily  me and Jackson managed to get out of the photos however, I’m sure we will get caught looking silly at some point over the Christmas period.

A bit of advice for over the Christmas period. Please remember we love the smell of your treats and chocolate but they are not very good for us so you may want to hide them out the way and definitely no Christmas cake for us.

Also for anyone with naughty puppies like Ernie (sorry boy) be careful with tinsel, baubles and decorations.  If they are anything like our boy they wont be able to help themselves with all the new toys knocking about. Younger dogs and puppies are very inquisitive and love to explore new objects and surroundings just like Jackson and me when we were younger.  They tend to have their heads in everything so please remember this and keep them safe.

Big Woofs