Ernie’s Big Weekend

Hi everyone, Ernie here and the big dogs have asked me to write the blog post today as they are all asleep!

This weekend has been so busy and me, my dog friends and my mum and dad have had the best time.  I got to meet little people which was fun, however I was quite scared at the loud noises they make.  Its fine though as Mum says they are friendly and I will have fun with them when I visit them in little people places called schools.

I was such a good boy this weekend I went on long walks with Ellen, Rosco and Jackson and visited a place called a pet shop! WOW, I mean WOW, that was sooo much fun.  There were dogs there and I could smell treats everywhere I turned.  The man wearing a green T-shirt stopped and even let me have one (although mum did make me sit nice first). The other dogs told me it is important for me to be well socialised with people, dogs and other animals as I should get on with everyone.


This is our photo from the weekend, I couldn’t stop staring at the treat in front of me.

After my busy weekend we all got to work today and helped the humans check the site.  It was so windy last night our job was to make sure all the fences were secure and the rubbish that had blown around was all picked up.  After an hour my little legs were so tired and all my office friends keep catching me dozing! (ooppss)