Wednesday Wackiness

Well the picture says it all really as more Christmas photos are taken! Here is me and Ellen looking extremely unamused at the situation.

Today has been another busy day in the office with a surprise visit for me to two of our care homes. (I did it! I was given a biscuit) What fun it was and I got to meet loads of new people I haven’t met before.

As if today wasn’t cool enough we also had Prince and Penny visiting today two previous residents. How brilliant to see them, although Penny was a little bit scared of the bigger dogs! She is only tiny though and Rosco and Ellen are big (even though Rosco doesn’t realise).

Over the next few weeks we have loads of people to visit which means loads of biscuits on the way! Our humans have said that many of our animal friends will be here over Christmas, What? We don’t understand how so many of our friends are not lucky enough to have loving homes. The rehoming centre is still full of kittens (Rosco’s favourite) even with the cold weather now hitting.  Mum even puts these things on in the house that heat up the room, me and Winnie keep pulling our bed over and going to sleep next to them.  Unlike Luna and Rosco we are not that keen on the rain and wind.

Well I’m sure its nearly treat time so me, Ellen, Jackson and Winston are waiting patiently, while Ernie is having what the humans like to call “a mad half hour”