Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday

Hey guys, can’t believe its Friday already.  Ernie is hinting to go back to the pet shop as he loves his treats so much.  Tomorrow the human folk are visiting a place called Asda Benton and bag packing?? Not sure what that is but it sure does sound fun.

Today we have been extremely busy trying to help the humans with the treats for Christmas events.  We have all decided we would love to see these Christmas Fairs the humans go to, as there was so many goodies being packed up.  Dog coats, new leads and collars, treats, stockings, clothes we could go on but we were only interested in the treats.

Ernie is doing so well with his toilet training, however he still is having the odd little naughty accident.  His baby teeth are starting to fall out so the humans have been giving him plenty of chew toys to help him. We all remember teething and it was very ouch!

Ernie has had all his vaccinations now and is thoroughly enjoying his new lease of life.  He loves to go about meeting new people and dogs.  The humans always take us to see the vet at the very least once a year to make sure we are fit and well and have our booster vaccinations.  As much as we love the humans at the vets we still don’t like getting our temperatures taken and the worming tablets mum tries to disguise in ham every few months.  All these things we don’t like keep us healthy though and the humans we have learnt just want what is best for us.

We all feel very lucky to have found our forever homes with our humans and hope all our friends in the centre find theirs soon too.

Happy weekend hoomans