Christmas time is here

Well today is an exciting day for the humans as they are putting the decorations up in the rehoming centre.  It proves to be a difficult task with little Ernie around, as he keeps pinching baubles.  Christmas time at the shelter is so much fun! the humans are so busy and we all get to go on lots of fun trips with treats and cuddles. Our animal friends who live in the centre over Christmas also get lots of presents and tasty treats to make their Christmas just a little bit special.  Although our humans do a great job of keeping them happy over the festive period, we would just love them to find homes like all us office dogs have.


This week the humans are once and again out and about at them fabulous shop places where we have been told the treats come from.  Asda Gosforth is looking after Santa and his Elf on Saturday to raise money for all our friends in the centres care.

It has been quiet this afternoon in the office as Rosco has been with the humans for something they call a talk. We are now wondering if he managed to get biscuits! He is completely denying that he did but look at his face! we do not believe him.


Well that is pretty much Wednesday so far and it must be nearly treat time!

Have a wooftastic Wednesday