Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time

Sorry we haven’t been on our blog for a few days, our weeks just got so busy and we have been so many places.  Yesterday our humans enjoyed carol singing in Eldon Square and today Rosco and Winston got to attend a Christmas Fair.  It was just across the road from our offices and they both had a fantastic time.  Winston said there was lots of yummy stalls there to sniff.  Ernie wasn’t able to go as he is still learning lots and the humans said he is not quite house trained yet (although apparently he is doing very well). Ernie should be joining us out and about very soon though.  Not only did they get lots and lots of attention they even got given free treats! Why didn’t we all go?


This weekend our human mums are very busy on their stall for the shelter at Hexham Christmas Fair.  We don’t know where Hexham is but it sounds really fun and then we were told last year there was snow! Wow Rosco loves snow so much he got all excited.  Not sure how Ernie is going to take to it as he still gets frightened if its raining really heavily.

Our humans are very busy over the Christmas period raising money for the animals that just are not as lucky as we are.  Our friends the shelter looks after are all very deserving of loving homes just like us and with the even colder weather on the way we hope many more find their forever homes.  All of us office dogs were rescued by our human mums from the shelter with our own little stories.  We now help humans to understand we are more then just a pet and it takes real commitment, time and money to look after us.  We also like to show humans how amazing and friendly our friends being cared for by the shelter can be.

We are always out and about here, there and everywhere keep an eye on our blog and if you are unsure about rescuing a pet then you humans can come and meet us and see what all the fuss is about.

Well Rosco is shattered after today so he is enjoying a well deserved snooze.


Speak soon

Woof Woof