Hello humans and what a great day we have had on #charitytuesday.  Today we had a very special surprise visitor to the rehoming centre, one of our friends who our humans fostered for a while.  She was very nervous so lived with us for a while to help her grow in confidence.  Little Molly looks so well and has really come out of her shell and grown.  Our humans were over the moon and one of them even looked like they had water in their eyes.  Of course, that didn’t last long as we love water and decided to try and have a lick. 

A few of us office dogs got to check out the Christmas tree in reception this morning and oh my it was full of presents for all our friends that are not as lucky as us and will spend their Christmas in the shelter.  Even though our humans look after them really well and they have lots of presents to open, we still hope and pray they will find new homes real soon. Rosco also heard there are kittens available in January for rehoming.  Now we all know, but you may not, Rosco LOVES kittens! Every time we have sick or special need kittens sharing the office with us Rosco just always wants to help out.  Sometimes he even helps our humans during night feeds with toilet time.

Being an office dog is so much fun and especially over Christmas as it’s fun, fun, fun and there are sooooo many places we need to visit.  We have had so many treats this year Ernie is ready to pop.  Yesterday we were so busy most of us fell asleep on our bed to refresh ourselves for the busy afternoon.  Today all our visits are over so we may have a quick few hour’s snooze before checking with our humans that our friends in the kennels are settled and warm for the night.  Once upon a time all of us arrived here just wanting someone to love us and take us home.  Now we are all one big family enjoying our everyday lives with our many friends. If you can help any of our friends desperate for homes, please contact our humans on 0191 215 0435