Happy Christmas

Christmas is almost here and our humans have been very busy preparing for Sunday.  We couldn’t believe the amount of treats and yummy things all the humans have brought in for our many friends in the shelters over the festive period.  We hope our mummies have not forgotten our treats for Christmas day!  Here’s hoping we may even get a little turkey!


All our dog and cat friends at the shelter waiting for homes are having chicken this year.  They will be so excited and we bet the place will smell amazing.  We are so chuffed they will all have lots of presents on Christmas day and over the new year. 

The past week has been a busy one for us office dogs.  Last Saturday our Rosco got to go to a party on a nightime with our human friends from Northside Tatooz.  He had lots of cuddles and met loads of new friendly faces.  Our mums told us that they have been collecting food, toys and money to help all the animals in the shelters care.  They have to be brilliant. 


Also on Saturday our Ellen was featured in the Chronicle and what a lovely story it is.  Rescued nine and a half years ago Ellen is the oldest of us and the boss! Didn’t she look great in the paper?


Today our humans hit the news again with some of our stranger residents, our pigs.  They now look after seven pigs all who have been bought as pets and many believed to have been micro-pigs.  The problem is they are definitely not micro.  Most of them are near Rosco’s size if not bigger and they make just as big a mess and smell. 


We hope all you humans have a brilliant Christmas and we hope we get lots of treats


Woof woof