Yappy New Year

Well what a few weeks it has been since Christmas and New Year.  Our mummies have been extremely busy and this week we overheard the humans saying 42 of our friends at the rehoming centre had been rehomed in just one week. WOOOOOWWWW we are so excited for them and hope they are as happy as we are in our loving homes.

Ernie had his first important mission this week which was to visit a residential home.  Personally, us dogs were wondering how many people he would bark at and how many biscuits he would get (grrr) After what seemed like hours Ernie came back and wanted to sleep!!  The residents loved him so much they want him to go back again very soon.  And yes, he did get biscuits but not very many as remember he is still only 5 ½ months old. 

So much has been happening the last few weeks and our office is so busy, the humans are very excited about the opening of another Charity shop in mid February.  We will have to visit this shop as it sounds lots of fun.  They are going to be selling all sorts of things that people donate in like clothes, homewares and also they even mentioned animal treats!!

This week was also time for some of us to have our regular flea and worm treatments.  We never like these and Rosco runs and tries to hide (he shouldn’t be so big).  Although it’s just the worst our mummies have said it is very important and can stop us getting very ill and needing even more treatments.  Our mums see many dogs and cats every year who have not been given regular fleaing and worming treatment and it can be very painful for the animal and costs the charity hundreds of pounds at a time.  As our mums always say prevention is better than cure.   

We hope all you humans have a great weekend, we are very excited for the up and coming weekend activities this year.  Last year the Great North Dog walk was so much fun and there was absolutely thousands of dogs.  Some of us got to go along and even do the walk.