Brrrr it freezing out there!

Me & Churchill are definitely not impressed with the weather this week, it’s freezing! Lunar loved playing in the snow on Saturday but then he has a lovely thick fur coat, us softies weren’t so keen (even with our coats on).  We prefer snuggles on a winters day, as do many of our friends at the shelter.

Our feline friends are spending a lot of time cuddled up in their beds and the kittens have discovered something called radiator beds which are extra warm – I’m just a little jealous.

Luckily we have some amazing friends who donate lovely warm bedding to keep our friends in the shelter warm whilst they wait for their forever homes.  I even snapped some of my doggy friends going for walks with the volunteers and they had some snazzy coats on.  There are some fab people out there sending in such amazing donations.

Churchill is not happy this week as his bestie, Ernie is on holiday and he’s missing his playmate.  Don’t worry Churchie he’ll soon be back and you can cause havoc together again ha ha.

Well I’m off to snuggle with my brothers, we’re like the 3 musketeers or something like that.  Keep warm and don’t forget to keep those bedding donations coming, our friends really appreciate it. woof for now

love Winston 🙂