OOh, it’s nearly shop opening time!

Everyone has been running around with boxes and bags galore this week, it all seems very exciting.  Apparently the shelter are opening a new shop on Wallsend High Street this Saturday (25th Feb) and there is going to be a raffle and a tuck shop (yum yum).

I think a couple of us are even going to make a guest appearance, sounds good to us if there are lots of people going to be giving us cuddles and attention.  There was even talk of them selling doggy things and some cat bits and bobs.  I think some of our canine friends might be able to get new collars and leads as well as a few treats.

The best thing is that dogs are allowed in the shop, how cool is that!  We don’t get to go in many places but its great when we can go for a walk and pop into a shop along the way, especially when the shop has doggy treats under the counter – yes it’s true.

Anyway I must dash as I need to have tea and get a good nights sleep.  I’m off to the groomers tomorrow for my first pampering session, Mum says I’m going to love all the fuss and I’ll  look super handsome when I come home.

Hope to see you on Saturday at our new shop

Love Ernie 🙂