Brrrr it’s cold outside!

Where did the cold come from? We’re definitely not liking walking in this weather, it’s much more fun when the sun is shining.  I have to admit Ellen looks well cool in her new coat though. Mum says it’s not quite cold enough for our coats yet but Ellen in special as she’s in her twilight years.  I think she’s pulling a fast one because she can certainly keep up with us when she wants to.

At least our beds are nice and warm when we get back in and we can all snuggle up together.  That’s the best part of having our friends at work.  We’re just waiting for Winston and Ernie to come back as Winston is visiting our friends at the care home and Ernie is helping our new friend Sally to find her confidence.  She is hoping to go to her new home soon but she is still very shy, luckily Ernie isn’t and he’s teaching her to be more adventurous – well done Ernie.

We are all so excited because the Benton shelter is having it’s very FIRST XMAS MARKET on Thursday 30th November from 4-9pm.  There is going to be loads going on with stalls selling everything from food and drink to sweets, decorations and even doggy stuff for us.  Best of all Santa is going to be there – we might have to sneak in and tell him what we want for Xmas.  Hope he’s got plenty of room on his sleigh for all our pressies!

Woof Woof that sounds like Winston coming back so I’d best go and see what he’s been up to.

See you soon