Summer Fun

Hi Guys

Long time no woof!  We have just been so busy with all our events, visits and enjoying the start of the summer.

What’s new? Well for starters we welcomed new office dog Bobby into the fold and he is settling in well.  Lucky for Ernie now he is the naughty puppy and Ernie is now longer the baby of the pack.

Photo 13-05-2018, 13 03 57_preview1

For all you amazing dog mums and dads out there we have a few summer tips to help us have the most amazing summer.

Don’t leave us in parked Cars

Every year many dogs become ill and can even die when left in parked cars.  Without the aircon on even with the windows open the temperature inside a car heats up extremely fast and we can suffer from this horrible thing called heat stroke.

With the amount of dog thefts on the rise especially for popular breeds like our Winston and Churchill. leaving us alone in the car can attract dog thieves. Please be careful.

Check our coats and paws after walking in long grass

Yes we love to roam in the long grass however there are lots of nasties that hang in that grass!  Grass seeds themselves can become problematic for us especially if they manage to sneak into our eyes, ears, nose and paws.  Check us over (plus which dog doesn’t like a little special groom with their lovely humans.)

There are also these nasty things that the humans call Ticks.  Our Rosco had one on his head the other day and his Mammy had to pull it out.  He did not look happy, however he felt much better afterwards.  We all get spot on’s from our vet to help protect us.


We need sun cream too

Some of us sensitive dogs need sun cream too!  Especially light coloured dogs.  Cover any exposed skin, ears and noses (although mummy said the other day we kept licking it off)

Other things our humans do is constantly change our water and try to walk us in the cooler parts of the day.  Rosco gets exceptionally hot with his big coat.


Remember keep us safe this summer !

Hugs and Woofs

The Office Dogs xx